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  • Наша история

    Agriturismo.net grew up following in the footsteps of a technology that, from the beginning, tried to play more and more on the immediacy of information until it became what it is today.

    Agriturismo.net first appeared on the web in 1998, when the idea of ??informing the world about the tourist destinations in Tuscany came to four boys during their holiday atParco dell’Uccellina in the province of Grosseto.

    Since then, step by step, Agriturismo.net has grown, initially offering Farmhouse Holidays in Tuscany and then expanding to encompass Bed & Breakfasts, Villas, Holiday Homes and Farmhouses throughout Italy, developing a suitable offer for 'Holidays in Italy' characterised by a common factor: 'Green tourism' and 'cultural tourism.'

    Agriturismo.net has grown over the years believing strongly in technology, as an indispensable means to connect 'supply and demand'. Since it first appeared on the web, Agriturismo.net, has always tried to play the website usability card, focussing on the immediacy of information and becoming what it is today, with millions of visitors who have enjoyed the services of Agriturismo.net over the years.

    As the web has expanded, so has Agriturismo.net

  • Наша миссия

    With constant attention to the changing needs of tourists and owners, Agriturismo.net has always tried to adapt its operation to a world, i.e. online tourism, that is constantly evolving.

    The pleasure of doing this work, combined with the passion that moves us, has allowed us to develop an entirely personal 'travel philosophy', namely to describe not only the image but also the spirit of an extraordinary land, taking you on a 'Journey to Italy' both virtual and real.

    Our philosophy is that of someone communicating with a distant friend, it is in this way we ensure that those who decide to organise their own 'Holiday in Italy' receive reliable and detailed information, because the value of a holiday that has been awaited, dreamed about and longed for for so long should meet the expectations of each individual tourist. Your journey is our passion.

    'We enjoy, you travel!'

  • Наша философия

    For several years now, the 'Internet / tourism' combination has had to deal with a real revolution, but that's what we like: the challenges provide us with the daily urge to strive to do our best.

    The web has invaded seas, mountains and countryside, cities both large and small and villages: Agriturismo.net has exported traditions, culture and the magnificent places of a region that still sometimes holds mysteries and surprises, thankfully, still almost unknown, in spite of the fact that Italy is the country whose history and culture is recognised by the whole world.

    And it is on these aspects that, as always, we have focused our efforts and our goals, so that you too can enjoy an unforgettable and unique 'Journey to Italy'.

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