Amalfi 1898

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Отель 3 звезды - Кампания - Salerno - Amalfi

Количество спальных мест: 23  Минимальное количество недель 280  Минимальное количество дней 40

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Amalfi 1898
8.9 10 Users' reviews average
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We found the staff friendly and extremely helpful. ....

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10 Отзывы - Amalfi 1898

Average review score

Reviewed Services Review Score
Совпадает с описанием на сайте 7.8
Комфорт / Лечебный туризм 8.8
Соотношение цены и качества 8.8
Уборка помещения 9.4
Предприятия инфраструктуры 8.8
Владелец / Персонал 9.6

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Семья с маленькими детьми Семья с маленькими детьми
Семья со взрослыми детьми Семья со взрослыми детьми
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Details of guests reviews

 Май 2016  Monrayd
Endroit paradisiaque
Lieu d'une beauté incroyable - Grande terrasse avec piscine et vue imprenable - Possibilité de se faire livrer un repas - navette gratuite pour se rendre au restaurant de l'hôtel situé dans Amalfi - Personnel d'une extrême gentillesse et très dévoué.
Le lieu est déconseillé aux personnes à mobilité restreinte à cause du grand nombre de marches à emprunter.
 Сентябрь 2013  Maiellano Donato from Danbury (United States)
Everyone at the hotel in Amalfi were outstanding, they all went out of there way to keep all the guest satisfied. I felt totally at home and relaxed.
room views were breathtaking, and clean. staff superb and very friendly.
A lot of stairs to climb, but the view is worth it...
 Ноябрь 2012  Anonyme
Au milieu des oliviers et avec vue sur la mer au petit déjeuner : magique.
L'accueil, la disponibilité du personnel.
le couchage rustique et un peu fatigué.
 Апрель 2012  Anonymous
Owners were exceptional and made the visit very easy and fun
Very welcoming and fun
 Июнь 2011  Gabiel Lachance from Québec (Canada)
Название отзыва не указано туристом
 Август 2010  Bodensteins from Jersey
We found the staff friendly and extremely helpful.
We arrived at our destination tired and stressed out from the drive. We were pleasantly surprised by the effort made to meet us when we got lost and the help with the carrying of our luggage.
It was difficult to find the accommodation. A well drawn map might help a lot. We read all the cautions about the amount of steps before, so we made sure we only ever climbed down. Even that was exhausting!
 Июль 2010  Anonymous
Very relaxing with a great view
Nice deck with a small above ground pool for kids (4m diameter). Clean, comfortable rooms with AC. Helpful staff with a drawer full of the electrical adapters you forgot.
They really mean it about the stairs. They start from the parking lot of the Hotel Exelcior and go down the right side of the hotel. Parking is on the street above the Excelcior.
 Сентябрь 2009  Dominic Duchesne from Montréal (Canada)
What an exercise!!
The staff was amazing, very nice people, friendly and helpful, the rooms were clean and the view was breathtaking.
the steps, my god the steps, 332 on the way down to get to the hotel!! with luggages to carry, you better be in shape or your get yourself a heart attack
 Июнь 2009  Christiane and Gérard MOHR , MONTREAL (Canada )
Beautiful landscape, warm hospitality, comfortable and clean accommodation, very reasonable prices
Most friendly reception by staff. Clean and convenient accommodation. Most pleasant breakfast on terrace with exceptional view over Bay of Amalfi..
some inconvenience with luggage transfer due to the location ( personnel very helpful in carrying heavy bags ! ) which was well described on information.
 Сентябрь 2007  Hemphill from Boulder (United States)
Owners were very helpful and friendly. this place has a beautiful view of the Amalfi Bay. One of the most beautiful places we have stayed in our numerous trips to Italy.
Very clean. Salvatore, the owner of the Restaurant, in nearby Atrani, has an EXCELLENT restaurant. Highly recommended and worth the trip to the Amalfi coast.
The 362 steps from parking can be difficult -- especially with luggage. Also, the property was difficult to locate when arriving. It is directly below the Hotel.

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